Dynamic, Competitive, Determined...

Baltech Group is a group of Companies operating in various business fields in Turkey and Azerbaijan.
The success of the Group in design, construction, tourism, real estate, agriculture and stockbreeding,
energy as well as games of chance, is owed to its structure, which sustains dynamism and competitiveness in its fields
of business and in encouraging firm steps forward.

Responsible towards all Shareholders, Environment and Nature...

Baltech Group aims to add value in employment, market and the economy of its business territory by equal consideration of its employees’, suppliers’
and customers’ satisfaction. As an originating point of success and trustworthiness, it appoints staff who are able to create such a basis and protects them with such conscience. While
considering science and technology as the principal instruments for its projects, it prefers opportunities powered by nature and those that protect the natural equilibrium as a matter of recognition
of environmental respect and the power of natural resources.

Expert and Experienced...

Baltech Group is specialized in several fields thanks to its group companies which are active in various sectors.

Honest, Transparent, Trustworthy...

Each company of the Baltech Group with a broad range of activity fields prioritizes the commitment to ethical
values above its commercial responsibilities. It is accepted that for all the group companies to proceed under the guidance
of the same ethical values is a prerequisite in order to achieve honest and trustworthy works.


To lead the sector! To determine the standards! To promote research, development and innovation in order to acquire sufficient technology
and knowledge for the purpose of leading others. To encourage cooperation in order to create value and support value – producers.
To participate withreputable and recognized brands worldwide.

Baltech Company Inc - Vizyon


To provide high quality and customer–oriented service to various sectors in our country under modern conditions and a reputable and trustworthy brand.