Baltech Construction aims to become one of the leading companies in the sector through the infrastructure and superstructure projects undertaken in Turkey and abroad. Successfully
achieved works include mainly, construction of dams, hydro–electric power plants, roads (particularity highways), buildings and infrastructure works, bridges, viaducts and
passageways, tunnels and derivation tunnels, irrigation projects, Office buildings, shopping malls and living spaces, residences and social facility projects. WEBSITE Baltech Şirketler - İnşaat While research on sustainable energy resources and their consumption continue globally, Baltech Group is getting ready to participate in the production of
electricity by making use of environment–friendly Technologies. Baltech Energy, which is already conducting research, developing projects and making
investments in cooperation with the World’s leading energy, engineering and consultancy firms in the sustainable power plants to be established in Turkey, is
focused on solar energy, wing energy and hydro–electric power. WEBSITE Baltech Şirketler - Baltech Enerji Baltech Real Estate aims to increase the quality of life in the territories where it realizes its projects by combining them with modern
construction techniques. Its mission is to present the highest quality works, make an indelible impression, improve the market standards and guide
the future projects in consideration with responsibility towards city aesthetics concerning its various residence and other real estate projects. Its investment channels
and the trustworthiness of its business partners are the assurance of its success in the real estate business. WEBSITE Baltech Şirketler - Gayrimenkul Süt kardeşler farm is a remarkable farming enterprise for expanding one of the largest farming lands in Turkey and including a facility with a milking capacity of 2,400 animals. The company
carries out all its production, sales and other activities within Turkey and in accordance with European Standards. In addition to the production of milk and dairy products, such farming activities as
feed and natural fertilizer production are carried out in terms of providing health and trustability concerning the agriculture and stockbreeding products in Turkey. WEBSITE Baltech Şirketler - Süt Kardeşler Hasanbey Farm is an e – commerce platform which enables sales of natural products everywhere in Turkey. Hasanbey Farm,
which has not only tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables but also eggs, cheese, honey and jam among its products, delivers
the goods by overnight courier service ordered from its website “”. The objective of Hasanbey Farm is to establish
a platform which allows everyone access to natural and healthy products. WEBSITE Baltech Şirketler - Hasanbey Çiftliği Baltech Farming is established in order to provide a quality contribution to the developing agriculture industry of Azerbaijan. Süsen Agro performs the
production and sales activities of corn in particular and corn–related products such as corn oil and corn silage by using high technology. It has
adopted a comprehensive policy which considers the international market. The company aims to increase its production quality and meet the market
demand by means of maintaining its innovative structure that paves the way to success. WEBSITE Baltech Şirketler - Süsan Agro