Human Resources Policy;

Our HR Policy within the Baltech Group is to set up and improve a labor substructure as well as to establish a creative organization, which benefits through contemporary management techniques, by making greater use of the human resources in terms of the vision of the company for the purpose of achieving the targets and objectives of the company.

Being a part of Baltech;

Employees are motivated to be innovative and customer–oriented, dedicated to self–enhancement in terms of a dependable and quality service approach where different ideas are encouraged. Baltech Group is the right address for those who would like to work at a place that;

  • offers not short but a long term career opportunities,
  • is open to different ideas/opinions,
  • aims to be leading and innovative in every field of presence,
  • believes in a quality service
  • respects ethical and Professional values,
  • creating equal opportunities among employees.

Our HR Applications;

Recruitment and Employment

  • CV Scanning
  • Interviews based on competency
  • Technical Interviews
  • Reference Control
  • Job Proposal
  • Informing the Candidate
  • Job Applications


  • Overseas and NationalTraining on Technical and Behavioral Competencies Required by the Position
  • Development/Performance Management System Results
  • Overseas and NationalRotation, Promotion and Appointments

Career Development

Mobility among the positions available within the Companies of the Group is encouraged for the purpose of knowledge sharing and cultural development.

Wage and Salary Management

A fair, job–criticality focused and competitive wage is determined based on the job values and wage policy for each position (White Collar – Blue Collar).

Industrial Relations

Industrial relations, which aredefined as a systematic function pursuant to the legal legislation, labor contracts and our personnel regulations, is handled in a broad range including our activities, and personnel affairs as well as social rights, and managed as a value creating human resources process.